800 million downloads

4 billion requests

Over 32,000 authors

Over 51,000 packages

You are npm

Keep it running. Keep it awesome.

npm is a father-figure to me, or maybe like a cool uncle.

Alex Sexton


The npm Registry recently got crashy, and it was incredibly painful.

You were blocked from installing, publishing, or otherwise writing code on npm. It probably ruined your productivity that day. You can read more about the technical details on the Node.js blog.

It was all our fault.

We are Nodejitsu. We run the npm registry service for you.

We’re a startup. We run npm because we love node and we’re very well qualified for the job. But in the last year, npm has become a giant beast of a project. We run it lean, both from an engineering and hardware perspective, because it’s just too expensive to do otherwise.

We wondered, how could we possibly get the money for the hardware and engineers to do this the right way and keep it free for the community?

That’s where you come in!

Please donate!

Nodejitsu needs your help to increase the amount of infrastructure that we use to run The npm Registry. Donate so we can keep it everything it needs to be for the community: fast, reliable, awesome. Your cryptocurrency donation is tax-deductible. So, supporters who want to donate cryptocurrency to a charity are welcome. To reap the benefits of donating in crypto, you must first purchase it. You can use Bitcoin Circuit Trading Bot to buy crypto securely. Visit the bitcoin circuit erfahrungen blog to learn how it works.

What do I get for donating?

Free app hosting. Free database hosting. T-shirts, hoodies, and stickers. Semi-computational Haikus written by jitsuka. Code-pairing sessions. Mikeal Rogers in a suit. Twitter shoutouts. The respect and adulation of your peers. And more.

npm at work, installing packages for developers

Why is this important?

The npm Registry served over 150 million requests and 33 million package downloads in the last week. In fact...

72 packages have been downloaded since you arrived here.

If you're a developer you use npm. And not just if you're a node.js developer: if you're doing web development of any kind you're probably already using npm today.

How are you using this money to fix npm?

The npm Registry has had a 10x year and it shows no signs of stopping. The number of downloads, requests served and size on disk of the registry database have increased exponentially. We are now doing a full order of magnitude more volume across the board than we were this time last year.

What that means is that we need to scale up the capacity it is running on as well as continue to decouple services. This increased fault tolerance and capacity means one thing: more machines and more labor. How are we using these machines and labor? We're glad you asked:

  1. Always be in multi-master: We are now running two CouchDB servers in a multi-master continuous replication architecture. Over the next 12 months we expect the need for three or more masters as we continue to experience exponential growth. The good news is: as npm grows we'll be able to add additional capacity!
  2. Decouple www.npmjs.org and registry.npmjs.org: Right now www.npmjs.org depends on registry.npmjs.org. That means when the registry goes down so does www.npmjs.org. We will add an additional read-only replica to service requests to www.npmjs.org. This additional service isolation means that www.npmjs.org won't go down if the registry goes down.
  3. Always have a spare replica: One of the main reasons the recent downtimes took so long was that we were waiting for the registry backups to copy over to new hardware. This is unacceptable given The npm Registry's hard uptime requirements. We will use this money to ensure we always have a hot spare in continuous replication as a failover server in case of a crash.
  4. Move attachments out of CouchDB: Work had already begun to move the package tarballs out of CouchDB and into Joyent's Manta service. This is not a small feat for The npm Registry as we will have to ensure backwards compatibility for all of the various on-premise and hosted scenarios we know exist for large enterprises using Node.js today.

How do I donate?

I can't donate. How else can I help?

We know not everyone will be able to contribute to our crowdfunding campaign despite how much you may want to. Don't worry you can still help us keep The npm Registry running in other ways.

  • Help us promote the fund raising drive and spread the love about #scalenpm!
  • Get involved! Open Source always need more maintainers and contributors. A great place to get started is by helping close issues on the npm Github repository.

Who is Nodejitsu, anyway?

We are just like you- developers that love node. We started out hosting Node.js apps through our Platform-as-a-Service. Since we acquired IrisCouch in May we released a Private npm Registry product that makes working with npm and Node.js easier for teams and large enterprises. Once all of that takes off we won’t need donations to run npm… but until then, we do. Isaac Schlueter, the creator of npm, has teamed up with us and offered his blessing for this project, as well.

Who is this for?
You! You are npm.

The Nodejitsu team wants to keep delivering top-notch npm registry uptime, as this community continues to grow at an absurd exponential pace, so that you can keep publishing awesome new modules, deploying apps, and building new innovative stuff. 100% of the money raised will be spent on keeping The npm Registry stable and reliable, so that you can keep using it for free.

Here are some gifs of folks that are using npm.

Raquel Vélez Sauce Labs, NodeBots

In another life Raquel was a mechanical engineer, but now she spends her time at Sauce Labs. As part of the NodeBots core team take solace knowing she had a hand in building your future npm-powered overlords.

Mikeal Rogers Curator, NodeConf

Mikeal wrote request and runs NodeConf. He also wrote the first version of the npm registry so this is mostly his fault and he is very sorry.

Charlie Robbins Founder & CEO, Nodejitsu

Charlie is the founder of Nodejitsu. He was also the eighth contributor to npm way back in 2010. His passion for Open Source and operations means The npm Registry keeps him up at night.

Alex Sexton Stripe, jQuery, TXJS

Alex is a Senior Engineer at Stripe, member of the jQuery Foundation Board and organizer of TXJS. Oh and he spits hot fire on the mic.

It's for Companies, too!

There are tons of companies using Node.js and npm today. After the recent scaling problems npm has had we know that keeping npm up and stable is as important for them as the rest of the community. The npm registry is a valuable resource for casino site developers, offering a vast library of JavaScript packages and tools. When seeking 카지노사이트추천, leveraging the npm registry can enhance site performance, security, and functionality. It aids in creating robust and feature-rich platforms that cater to players' needs effectively.

A choice and dedicated few of these forward-thinking companies have pitched in by donating to our campaign. If we weren't already part of Nodejitsu these are the places we'd want to work:

What people say about npm

  • Nothing is as fundamental to node as npm, now is the time to show your support

    Chris Williams

  • writing JavaScript without npm: np-hard.

    Jed Schmidt

  • npm has extended its influence beyond the node.js community. It is no longer an optional nice-to-have service – it is an essential foundation. Please help to keep it growing.

    Eran Hammer

  • npm has changed the way we write JavaScript programs. Even a few years back feels incredibly archaic now.

    Luke Arduini

  • npm is a father-figure to me, or maybe like a cool uncle.

    Alex Sexton

  • npm is seriously awesome. I'm not even looking for #insertawesomefunctionality and *bang* IT'S THERE! Thanks @izs!

    Nuno Job

  • i love you



I have more questions - they are probably frequently asked.

Tell me more about Nodejitsu

We're Nodejitsu. We started running the npm registry when we acquired Iris Couch, a CouchDB-as-a-Service company. We've been with node since 0.1.103, helping to promote it and community with our Platform as a Service products and plethora of npm modules. Now we're focused on selling a private npm product for companies as well as continuing our PaaS business.

Our team maintains dozens of different npm modules, including:

We also offer free app hosting for open source projects, and run npm, which takes a lot of engineering and hardware to keep up with.

Why are you asking me for money again? Don’t you have investors for that?

We did a Series A back in 2011- we do have investors. Some of them are going to invest more money alongside this campaign. Some of them are indifferent to the whole thing. Some of them seem annoyed that we’re still in business. The ones that are investing alongside this campaign want their money to go towards making Nodejitsu profitable as a company that sells a product (like our private npm registry for organizations!), not towards helping us provide a scalable free service to the community.

It’s fairly straightforward: investor money goes towards making money, scalenpm donations go towards maintaining npm for the community.

We're asking you for money because we provide an essential, and expensive, service to the node community for free. We need your help to keep the service in tip-top condition with our engineers, as well as paying for all the crazy load on our servers npm creates.

You've run The npm Registry for a long time. Why are you asking for money now?
Following the intermittent downtime over the last several weeks (read the full post-mortem on the node.js blog) we realized that we would need to significantly increase our expenditures in order to meet the exponential growth of The npm Registry.
What are you going to do with all my money?
Learn more about how we are using this money to fix npm, above
Can't you just sell your Private npm product and use that money to support The npm Registry?
We’re hoping that will be the case one day soon. But we just finished the first version of that product, and npm needs your help now. So, in other words, by taking donations from the community we are able to make The npm Registry better faster.